This site is an attempt at a collaborative translation of Plato’s Protagoras, a beautiful and challenging dialogue. The lead author is moc.liamg|nahtannagaj.d#nahtannagaJ yajnanahD, a graduate student in ancient philosophy at the University of Chicago. Find out more about this translation. This project is on hiatus (23 Sep 2012).

Read the Protagoras, arranged by Stephanus page, with the Greek text, the collaborative translation, and Jowett's translation side-by-side. You can add comments and suggestions at the bottom of each page (see the latest comments, or subscribe to comments via feed-icon-14x14.png RSS).

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You can also read the collaborative translation to date by itself (309-319, version: 10 July 2010).

Read the Greek text at the Perseus Project (with commentary and Lamb's 1924 translation)
Read Jowett's 1871 translation at the Internet Classics Archive
See the Wordpress site where this project was originally launched