About this translation

This is an attempt at a collaborative translation of Plato’s Protagoras, a beautiful and challenging dialogue. The lead author is Dhananjay Jagannathan, and the project falls under the banner of Hephaistos Text.

David Hildebrand recently lamented the lack of availability online of good, new translations of ancient works, such as the dialogues of Plato, usually found in Jowett's rendering. Benjamin Jowett was a great classicist with a sensitivity for philosophical texts, but his Victorian translations of Plato are clearly out of date (compare also Lamb's translation for the Loeb series, originally published in 1924 and available on the Perseus Project). We can do better for modern readers, and I believe we can do it freely, without simply converting already published translations into electronic form, something to which publishers would never consent.

I originally wrote this translation as part of my undergraduate thesis, but I will revise it substantially as I make it available. I would like to extend an open invitation to readers to collaborate by making corrections and suggestions in the comments on each page. Some points of difference will no doubt be stylistic, but others will be substantive, and I hope the result will be a translation that is faithful to the text, sensitive to its philosophical content, and readable. At the end, I will make the translation freely available under a suitable open license. Please join me!